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 The Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF) Reference Manual provides information about the AMCF and its support organizations, ACCTS, Accts MMI, and MSO, to those seeking to work with them.  The Presidential Bench consists of the AMCF President and 14 regional Vice Presidents. Quinquennial Councils are meetings of the Presidential Bench and staff members of ACCTS, Accts MMI and MSO accompanied by their spouses when possible.  The purpose of these meetings, generally held every five years, is to strengthen unity and cooperation as participants review the status of the AMCF and draft plans for the next five years.  AMCF President General Lee, Pil Sup proposed that for reasons of economy and efficiency the timing of the Quinquennial Councils should be aligned with the World Conferences with additional intermediate Councils.  Thus, the fourth Council took place in Seoulin2004 (in conjunction with the AMCFWorld Conference), and the fifth Council is planned for Seoul in 2009. (Extracted from Reference Manual, p.1-6, para 28 Quinquennial Councils).


Participants in Quinquennial Councils have been limited to the Presidential Bench, staff members of ACCTS, Accts MMI and MSO, and their spouses when possible.  Why open these meetings to partnering organizations? 


Pro Help to act as a force multiplier by incorporating a fresh look at what AMCF is doing and plans to do in military ministry around the world.

 - The conflict proposals at earliest stage; helps to prevent duplication of effort by       partnering organizations.

 - Promotes transparency in ministry; serves as example for other organizations to        follow.

 - Underscores the fact that this is not our program, but Gods We are all one in      Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).

 - Gives opportunity to learn about and implement new programs/methods of ministry      to stay current with ever-changing world.


Con By having those not part of the primary supporting organizations, it could stifle honest and open discussion about future initiativesparticularly in those areas where other organizations are already working.

 - Partnering organizations that participate could completely overwhelm the meeting.      It may put AMCF in a position of choosing which organizations to invitea            form of prioritization and categorization that conflicts with Galatians 3:28.

 - Would invite the problem of degree of participationfull discussion member,          observer only, submission of comments/questions on paper. Addressing these         additional concerns would add to an overall packed agenda.

 - Nation hosting Quinquennial Council meeting would face logistical difficulties in        having to find a place suitable for hosting a larger group. This limits the              possibility of meeting places and drives the cost higher.

 - Precedent in the business world - If you consider the Quinquennial as a              high-level staff board meeting in business where key decisions are made, guests      would not be part of the meeting, but would be informed of decisions after the       fact.


Recommendation: that attendance at this Quinquennial (and future Quinquennials) continue to be limited to the Presidential Bench, staff members of ACCTS, Accts MMI and MSO, and their spouses.


Written  by:  BARNES, (LTC USArmy-Ret)RichardH., ACCTS

5252 Candy Root Ct, Columbia, MD  21045

Phone: +1+ 410-740-1160






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