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 Funding for Vice Presidents of AMCF


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Funding for Vice Presidents of AMCF


Current situation:

Vice Presidents of Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF) are asked to minister by traveling/attending functions in their respective regions for the purpose of encouraging individuals and leaders of local Military Christian Fellowships (MCFs).  In addition, Vice Presidents are asked/invited to attend to every five (5) years the AMCF presidential bench (council) and once each ten (10) years an AMCF World Conference.


These two areas require financial resources that most Vice Presidents do not have personally and in general not receive from their regions MCFs.  As AMCF is not an organization but an association, there is no budget and/or central staff to help them.  ACCTS, AcctsMMI and MSO fulfill the role of administration – not necessarily in the role of fund raiser or provider, even though they are expected to assist heavily in that role.  However, they are heavily looked upon to assume the role of provider of these needed resources.  This causes tremendous stress on the three organizations as they have to fund their daily operations as well and they often find themselves “holding the bag” or having to borrow funds (deficit) in order to ensure that Vice Presidents can attend events.  In some cases wives are excluded from participating due to lack of support.


Challenge:  Becoming and being a member of AMCF is and should bring with it a responsibility to assist the AMCF – specifically their own regional Vice Presidents.  This can take on several forms but one of which ought to be the financial support for travel and materials for events in the region, each five years the AMCF Quinquennial council meetings and the AMCF World Conference held nominally each ten years.  Each fellowship should be able to collect per year an amount in relation to that countries economic status and size of the MCF.  This is as well true for each VP personally.  Proper accountability for these funds will have to be established.  Guidelines from the AMCF should be given on how these funds are to be disbursed.


All these funds/resources are to help the three support organizations in underwriting Vice Presidents activities and therefore reduce the financial pressure these three organizations face yearly.  In addition, MCFs and Vice Presidents will gain ownership in the AMCF activities through their participation.


Process:  Average cost per VP and spouse to attend AMCF Quinquennial meetings are about $6,000 or 4,000 British Pound in 2009 currency.  The process of raising and accounting for these funds will vary by region, but with prayer and planning, some common principals can be developed with the principal support organizations, vice Presidents and the MCFs in their region.


Written by:        Bernhard Kaltenbach, ACCTS   

Tel: +1+303-985-8808; 

Email: finances@accts.org





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