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 1.         How  have you  organised your secretariat and used the  financial assistance provided by  MSO for it (It will be very different in each region) ?


(a)        Invest in a joint project to build permanent offices in partnership with Kenya Chaplaincy department.  Offices are now 90% complete.


(b)         Office furniture for (a) above.


(c)             Hosting of Africa VP planning retreat for Pan African Conference.


(d)             E-mail expenses.


(e)             Communication expenses

Note: Most of the resources were used for miscellaneous expenses for the preparation of Pan Africa AMCF conference.


(f)           Stippend for secretariate volunteer staff.


(g)             Hosting of website for the conference C.urrently the secretariat conducts business through the office of the Military Bishop.  The volunteering officer has a temporary office at the Bishops office while a permanent office assistant is shared between the secretariate and the Military evangelistic program.  Once the offices are complete we will occupy a large office which can take five people.  They will have dedicated telephone and internet facilities.


2. Has the secretariat been valuable to help  you in your tasks ?


The secretariate was particularly useful during the planning and execution of the Pan African Conference.  Once we move to the new offices then the secretariate will definitely be the hub of regional MCF activities.







3.         What specific tasks  have  you asked  your secretariat to carry  out to assist you or other  MCFs in your region ?


-              Harmonise the region calendar of activities of and organize possible visits.  Burundi visit and seminar are on planning maintain contact with regional members.


-           Regional Seminar in Uganda in 2010


             -            Complilation and launching of a VP newsletter


             -            Hospitality to MCF members visiting Kenya


             -            Work out modalities of sending misssionary to Southern Sudan.


4. Have you any plans to sustain  your secretariats without  MSO or Accts MMI assistance  and if so what are they?


 We plan to sustain the region Secretariate as follows:-


(1)         Members giving particularly Kenyans


(2)         Operating a gift shop of Christians gift items.


(3)             Appeals to Kenya churches to recognize us as their missionaries to the Military.



5. Have you any  ideas  or views on self sustaining secretariats in the future?


-         The secretariate may need in future to be registered as an independent Ministry with staff to give them the freedom to raise funds from other organizations and individuals.


           -         Organising of regular events that are designed to generate funds.





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