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 Introduction to MSO Program


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Introduction of MSO's Program:

Military Evangelism Observation

( MEO )

Ltc(R) Park, Baek Man

1 . The Objective of MEO Program

The objective of MSO's MEO program is to invite the potential military leaders from the non/weak-MCF countries to Korea and let them observe and experience the Korean MCF activities and culture so that they will play the major role for their future and current MCFs

after their returning home.

2. Major Characteristics of MEO Program

a. During the MEO program period, all delegates will be given the opportunities for

observing and experiencing ;

1) They will observe military units, war museum, Korea Military Academy, various

KMCF's military activities, and mass baptizing ceremonies etc.

2) They will learn and experience the lectures on the military ethical leadership,

inductive Bible study, conversational prayer, and personal evangelism etc.

b. Topics of lectures in detail

1) History of Korean Christianity since 1885

2) Introduction of KMCF, MEAK( Military Evangelical Association of Korea ) and

KVMCF ( Korea Veterans Military Christians Fellowship )

3) Introduction of the AMCF Reference Manual

4) Guideline for each country's MCF growth

c. Highlight of Observing/Learning Experiences

a) Participation in the National Salvation Prayer Convention

- Every year in June, KMCF holds the mammoth Pray Convention at the O-san-ri

prayer mountain located north of Seoul. The convention is held in memory of the

Korean War which was broken in 1950. During the Korean War, 16 countries in

the world dispatched their soldiers to Korea to defend Korea against the invasion of North Korea.

- In the last week of June, about 15,000 Christian soldiers selected mainly from the

font line military units, gather together to pray for the peace of Korean peninsula and also to be challenged and encouraged spiritually by the sermons or testimonies given by the prominent pastors in Korea.

- MEO participants are allowed to get into the huge hall and have an opportunity

to sing the songs of praise together with the 15,000 soldiers.

b) Home stay

- The delegates will be home stayed at the MSO / KMCF members houses for two

nights. By experiencing home stays, participants are able to share the fellowship

with the host's family members and able to learn the Korean tradition, foods,

customs etc.

- If agreed with host families, participants are able to join the worship service at the host's family's church or leading churches in Seoul where English-spoken head

phone is available.

3. Introduction of the 2009 MEO program

a. Period : June 22(Mon) ~ 29(Mon)

b. Participants : 26 Christian brothers and sisters from 16 countries

Countries : Comoros, Gambia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho

Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles, and Tanzania.

c. The Program was conducted mainly at

- Young-san Training Center ( located in the O-san-ri Prayer Mountain ), and

- Military Central Chapel ( located in Military Headquarter area ).

d. Detailed Program conducted in June, 2009 ( abbreviation )

22 (Monday) : Orientation, Fellowship hour

23 (Tuesday),

- Introduction of Military Ministry of KMCF and MEAK.

- Observing a " Under Ground Tunnel" digged by north Korean troops

( moving by bus ).

24 (Wednesday)

- Visit Mission Support Organization office and orientation of AMCF activities

- Visit War Museum

- Welcoming Dinner hosted by Chairman of MSO

- Evening Worship at Military Central Chapel

25 (Thursday, at Prayer Mountain ),

- Introduction of AMCF Manual

- Leadership Lecture

- Delegates' night ( Introduction of participant country etc. )

- Discussion on how to enhance the growth of MCF

26June( Friday, at Prayer Mountain ).

- Lecture on Inductive Bible Study followed by practices

- Lecture on Conversational Prayer followed by practices

- Personal Evangelism


- Visit Korea Military Academy

- Attend a baptizing service


- Continues home stay


- Closing Worship

4. When to start the planning of MEO Program

a. Selection of country to invite

Basically non-MCF countries and weak MCF countries are invited.

b. Selection of delegates from countries mentioned above.

Normally MSO requests the AMCF VPs where the non-MCF countries are under

their responsibility to recommend the eligible delegates to MSO by the end of the

year for the next year's MEO Program.

c. The recommendation of delegates from the weak-MCF countries are made by

VP, president of weak-MCF country, and chaplains or so. The number of delegates

are fixed to two.

d. Criteria for the selection of delegates

- Those who have not attended the MEO program so far

- Those who are Christian military and police personnel and eligible to be the

potential future leader(s) for the MCF establishment or enhancement.

- Those who maintain the good English proficiency if possible.

e. Scholarship

For the delegates, the round tickets, lodging, meals, and transportation will be

financed by MSO during the MEO program period.

5. Summary of the Participants' Questionnaires ( 2009 MEO )

a. MEO program was great. I learned a lot from it.

b. Home stay will be remembered long. I learned the Korean food, Christian way

of living, atmosphere of Korean Family, and customs etc.

c. Inductive Bible Study was good to me.

d. I was surprised to observe the development of Korea in many respects. It seemed

that Christianity played the great role in developing the Korean society.

e. I will make my every effort in establishing MCF after my returning home.

f. It was regrettable that I could not visit the Korean farm village.

g. I want home stay longer than two nights.

h. Koreans are very kind and generous.

6. Outcome of the MEO program

a. 74 delegates from 30 countries have attended the MEO program since 2005

b. By conducting the MEO program since 2005, it was really privilege that MSO was

able to hear the good news that quite a many MCFs have been established at the non-MCF countries, namely, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos and Palau.

c. We are not sure but the delegates' efforts to establish their own MCF were critical

in forming it. Please refer to the fact that MCFs were established at 16 countries since 2004 AMCF World conference which was held in Korea.

d. As for the delegates from MCF-countries such as Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia,

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Palau, we have heard that the MEO participants are playing the vital role as the eminent leaders in military ministry.

e. Some delegate informed us that he would commit himself in translating the AMCF

Manual into their own language to assist the MCF activities in his country !



Statistics of Delegates Participated ( 2005 -2009 )








Countries Participated 





30 countries, 74 delegates and 28 theology 








  students in Korea


















Cambodia(2), Nepal(2), Bangladesh(1),







 Uzbekistan(1) , USA(2)



Combodia(2),Vietnam(1), Nepal(2), Kazahustan(1)


















 Belaluse(2), Tonga(2), Australia(1)













Cambodia(2), Laos(2), Myanmar(2), Thailand(4)









  Indonesia(2), Bangladesh(2)









  Pakistan(1), Uzbekistan(1), USA(4),




Cambodia(2), Laos(2), Nepal(1),Uzbekistan(1)







 Palau(2), Tonga(1), USA(1)



 Gambia(2),Comoros(2), Lesotho(2), Tanzania(1)






   Myanmar(1), Nepal(2), Kyregizstan(1), Israel(2)







  Kazhustan(2), Pakistan(1)





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