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A Regional Report for the AMCF Seoul Council

Central Asia (September 2009) Lei Hsueh Ming                       

(Interim President)


A.   Introduction

This paper is to review the status and activities of the AMCF for the Central Asia.


B.  Background

AMCF Central Asia Region consists of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.  It has an immense land with sparse population.  The total population of 5 countries is about 39,000,000. A large majority of people is Moslems.  The ministerial circumstance in this region are getting worse year by year.  Churches and orphanages are gradually being controlled by the governments and the foreign missionaries are being gradually deported.  Therefore the activities of the serving military are almost prohibited and even the retired servicemens are heavily confined.


C.  MCF Situations


  MCF was established on 26 February, 2005.  The President of MCF is LTC (Ret) Manunuilor Pavel and the membership varies from 15-20

They have regular meeting now.


  Date of MCF established: 26 February  2005

President of MCF: LTC (Ret) Becbov-Oieg

Activities: Prayer meeting is conduced every Friday at the church

where MCF president is attending


  The MCF of this country was established by the several Kirgizstan

Officers who came to the United States for advanced study.  During

Their schooling in US. they became Christians by ACCTS staff members effort.  President of MCF is Bekemiroba Iskender.

  Tajikistan and Turkmenistan

   MCFs are not established in these two countries.  M.G.Y.D. Kim, Secretary General of MSO is locating the possible contacts by the help of Korean

missionaries serving God in these countries. 


D.  Discussion

To attain AMCF goalthat every country in the world has an MCF and that it becomes mature and effective is our common aim.  Meeting and fellowship will still

be the most effective means.

The first Central Asian Conference was held in Almaty from 2325 February 2005.  After the conference, theMCFs were established in Kazahkstan and Uzbekistan


respectively.  MG Kim of MSO and LTC Ronert, Russian Christian Officer were present.

The second CA conference will be held in the same city from 35 April 2009.  MSO will support $ 4500 as required and MG Kim will attend the conference.

Ardently we pray that Tajikistan and Turkmenistan will have their MCFs established after this meeting.


E.  The Way Ahead

In addition to the above, CA keeps sending offices to the US for advance study while they become Christian through the efforts made by ACCTS staff.  They also detached delegates to join the Interaction Korea, Taipei as well as EA regional conferences.  May God keep up their good works.

The third regional CA conference will be held three or four years after, ie.2012 or 2013 with Goods helping and leading.

Language ability enhancement is by all means important and necessary. MSOs English summer camps and learning Russian should be expedited.


F.  Conclusion

In an Islamic world, the persecution of the Christian is a common event.  But Jesus said, the things which are impossible with men are possible with God. (Luke 18: 27) When General Lee Pil sup took over the AMCF President in 2002, there are 78 countries in the world which have MCFs, i.e. totals78 MCFs. Now there are 116 MCFs.  Praise the Lord!





      compact ' lumpsum' form.

 d. In s-2, the dame as above.


  What would be the professors' revised role in evaluating then ?

 1. If the students missed, in quoting, the essential key points,

    then professors ( pf ) pinpoint them to the students  so that

    he will read them carefully afterwards.

 2. If students did not express his own words, pf encourage them

    to do it in the next paper summary.




  1) I would like to hear your comments on my suggestion mentioned above.

  2) If you and I come to any draft, I will ask the 4 pfs of their comments.

  3) If agreed to a some point, then I will send letter to the students to

     follow pf's suggestion.  


 I would like to hear from you.


 Yours in Him,


 Oh, Hyungjae

 P.S. The aim of CI for MEL is to train the indigenous expert in MEL.

 We pray that they will be an eminent expert in their region in future.



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