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    A Regional Report for the AMCF Seoul Council 

      East Asia (September 2009)

                                            Lei Hsueh Ming



This paper is to review the status, activities of the AMCF for the East Asia Region in the past five years and to draft the action plans to achieve its aim for the next five years, i.e. 2009-2013,with a view to strengthen unity and cooperation with participants.



AMCF East Asia Region consists of Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Republic of China (Taiwan), China, North Korea.

It has about 21% of the people of the entire globe village live there.

Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism(which is more a philosophy than a religion) and Shinto (Japan) are the religions people worships in EA. The Governments permit freedom of religion but not China and North Korea. Their governments discourage religion because it conflicts with the teachings of Communism.



There are four countries, namely, Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Republic of China (Taiwan) have the Military Christian Fellowship(MCF) organized. (Among these four countries only ROK military has chaplains).  To attain AMCF goal---every country in the world have an MCF and that it become mature and effective is our common aim.  To pray, to reach out, to meet together, to communicate, to visit to share the spiritual experience with others are the means we used. We need with God's help and blessing work harder.  The following are the activities we carried out in the past five years:

  2003  Interaction Taipei;& Project Philip Conference  ROC (Taiwan) MCF Host

  2004  AMCF World Conference                 KMCF,KVMCF Host

  2005  Interaction Japan                        JMCF Host

  2006  Interaction Korea                        KMCF Host

  2007  AMCF EA Conf. & Project Philip Conf.   ROC(Taiwan) MCF Host

  2008  Interaction Korea                        KMCF Host

  *  Project Philip Conference is the code name for China Initiative

     Pray and Plan.


The Way Ahead 

1. To meet together over the next five years, will still be emphasized, the activities to be prayed and planned will be:

  2009  Interaction Taipei                           ROC (Taiwan)MCF

  2010  AMCF EA Conference                       JMCF Host

  2011  Interaction Mongolia                         MMCF Host

  2012  Interaction Korea                            KMCF Host

  2013  Interaction Taipei & Project Philip Conference ROC(Taiwan) Host

2. To continue works on the Project Philip Conference.

3. To initiate works on North Korea Veteran Fellowship

4. A World Conference 2014   



We pray that all the participants will please God by being all one in Christ Jesus, that the participants will be inspired to make renewed resolution to carry out the  lord's Greet Commission and be equipped to do so.





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