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Appendix 2 to AMCF VP Pacific Report September 2009


Abbreviated Report of the ACCTS Pacific Representatives, Russell and Helen Bielenberg



There are a number of weekly meetings around Australia and a bi-annual magazine.  After about five years in the position, Jon Belmonte resigned as staff worker to enter ministry training with his wife Leah in Sydney.  Jon and Leah were a wonderful help to us for years.  Until a new staff worker is appointed, Mrs. Helen Rose is carrying out administration.  MCF has an office provided by Defence, but there are often attempts to take it for other purposes.  The MCF Chairman, LTCOL Mick Mumford has resigned from the army with effect from the end of this year, and is now on long service leave and also studying for ministry.  The Prayer Ministry is run by Janet Mumford, Mick's wife, and we are prayer warriors.  A women's ministry, called Solid Rock Ministries (SRM), is also run by Janet and there are meetings developing in four cities.  Another group outside Sydney separated from SRM.    



The current Prime Minister, who is also the power behind the President and who took over running the country in a military coup three years ago, refuses to hold democratic elections in the next six months, as demanded by the The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group.  Therefore the Fijian military continues to be out of bounds to us.  Pita Driti, who was who was the chairman of the MCF, is, as far as we know, the Land Force Commander. 



 We understand that a representative is to attend the MEO program in June 2009.


New Zealand. 

This MCF puts out a monthly newsletter which should also go to the ACCTS office which contains much sharing of Christian life.  There are a number of weekly meetings around the country.



We suspect that the Koreans had something to do with helping establish new MCF last year after two police department personnel attended the Pacific Conference in 2007.


Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

We have not heard from these members since the Pacific Conference.  Frank Cole asked if Chaplain Garibo had written about the computer he had been given but there has not been a response.  Port Moresby is a very dangerous place for visitors who cannot safely leave their hotel without an escort day or night. (Our Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade urges extreme caution.) We have checked out the possibility of having a conference in Murray Barracks as some of the members had suggested but we have a report from missionaries that these barracks are not suitable.


Solomon Islands. 

This island country has been hit by a recent cyclone.  We have no effective contacts in these Islands.  A Regional Assistance Mission with troops and police from regional nations helps provide stability.


Timor Leste.  

We continued supporting our Timor Leste student at the Australian Defence College (ADC), Justiano de Jesus, until he left in early December.  We were able to link him to a former graduating class of officers who are helping provide water supplies and basic educational facilities in Timor Leste; Justiano, in his very senior position in Defence will help with the transport of items and report on the progress.   He passed his course but the officer to follow him had been a fugitive in the mountains for many years and did not reach an adequate standard on his introductory English course to allow him to study at the ADC this year.  Justiano also said that he will be in touch with the two police and two military personnnel who attended the SW Pacific Conference and Interaction in 2007.  We have not heard.  Our emails have been returned from the two participants who had email in Timor Leste and there is no postal service.  The MCF office reported to us a few months ago that they had been in contact to ask for army boots and other clothing.



An email to the participants of the Interaction 07 has not been answered.  The wife of the chairman of the MCF, however has answered and told me that she is a school principal and is now posted to a different island to her husband.  This is the most communicative family we have ever had in the Pacific.  This separation is also the case with the couple we had at Interaction.  It is an expensive plane trip for these folk to fly to their spouse.  The MCF in Tonga is very successful, having regular meetings in more than one place.



We understand that a representative is to attend the MEO program in June 2009.



We have not heard from the Vanuatu Police Members.  We nominated WO Collin Galeb to go to the Chaplains' Interaction in the USA and we understand that the correspondence which went from the ACCTS Office to the Chief of Police in Vanuatu took a long time to be answered.  We believe he will not be attending.  There is no Chaplaincy in Vanuatu and a pastor is chosen from different churches for two years to take this position.  We have recently received a letter from Holi Simon asking us to support a child of his sister to go to private school in a western country; we have not answered that request.


Other Pacific Nations

   We have no useful information to pass on regarding the following nations. In brackets the approximate number of inhabitants is shown in each case.

Cook Islands , Kiribati (80,000), Marshall Islands (60,000), Nauru (11,000), Samoa (170,000).





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