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Appendix One

To AMCF VP Pacific Report September 2009

Country Reports




Although Australia is the dominant force in MCF in the SW Pacific region, this in no way downplays the significance of the MCFs in other nations continuing to contribute to the encouragement of Christians in their military forces.


There are six viable military Christian organisations in Australia.  The dominant and largest Christian military representation is the Military Christian Fellowship of Australia. MCF of Australia is represented on almost every military establishment in Australia and on overseas deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan with leadership often provided by military chaplains. 


Other organisations working in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are the Salvation Army through the Red Shield Defence Services, the Navigators, Everyman's Welfare Service, the Association of Christian Conferences and Teaching Services (ACCTS), and Fighting Words Ministries.  Outreach and discipleship programs are concentrated mainly on training establishments, although most operational bases conduct small and effective groups for prayer and bible study. 


The Forum for Christian Military Ministries (FCCM) in Australia has been instrumental in drawing together the various strands of military ministry into a coherent whole.  The FCCM meets annually and provides a forum for discussion, co-operation and prayerful support.  The FCCM is the preferred organisation to liaise with military chaplaincy which may have concerns that arise from time to time.  


New Zealand


New Zealand has an enthusiastic Military Christian Fellowship (MCF (NZ)), based mainly in the Wellington region and in Auckland.  The diversity of groups reflects the diversity of the wider church, with MCF members represented by all the major denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church.  The Patron of MCF (NZ) is the Chief of Defence Force.  MCF (NZ) and New Zealand Defence Force chaplaincy are linked officially, because the charter for MCF (NZ) is contained within the Defence Instructions for military chaplaincy.  This arrangement is beneficial to both parties.


Other Countries


The other countries in the SW Pacific, which have either a small military force or a police force, have correspondingly smaller representation in AMCF.  The influence of ACCTS, particularly the Bielenbergs, the Snows and the Piercees have born fruit in the SW Pacific, particularly in New Zealand, Fiji and Vanuatu.  The Military Support Organisation and ACCTS have contributed mightily to the genesis of MCFs in our region.  Interaction Courses have encouraged the development and growth of MCFs.  Although contact with Papua New Guinea has been sporadic, the Principal Chaplain (Army) has encouraged the growth and development of the MCF in Port Moresby.





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