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Islamic Republic of Pakistan of 170 million populace is not only an important country on the world map politically but also enjoys a status of Big Brother in the Muslim World. It is a nation with extreme inclination towards their faith. It can cross any limit whatsoever in the name of religion on both sides – positive or negative. In the wake of this scenario, standing to faith is not only hard but at times life sacrificing also. The Christian strength is the largest among three percent of minorities.

Praise the Lord that even in such situations we experience God’s hand working among His people. That is exactly what we experienced in 2002 when I and Gen Srilal VP South Asia, after a Sunday Service at Protestant International Church, agreed to meet occasionally for prayer, praise and worship. Thus, the seed for Benaiah- MCF in Pakistan was sown. It started with pioneer group comprising Gen Srilal Weerasoriya, Maj Gen Julian Peter, late Air Cdre Green, Brig Zacky  and Cdr Mathew meeting in office room of St Thomas Church Islamabad. Later, the wives also got involved. Soon the Holy Spirit led us to Lahore. Although growth is slow due to different reasons but I trust in the Lord that He is going to remove all barriers in His timings.


Pakistan’s Church


Church missions have been working in this land since 1833.  Besides, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Methodists and later Salvation Army missions pioneered the work. But the year 1876 is considered as the landmark in Church history of Pakistan when masses committed their lives to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The years 1905/6 saw the Spirit’s shower of revival at Sialkot and great harvest yielded. Times ahead were the glorious when the Church flourished. However, at present it is contrary. Lack of leadership and spiritual teaching, poverty and illiteracy have resulted in little church growth for several decades. This vacuum has given way to mushroom of house churches of evangelical character which are more active and show significant growth.

Benaiah enjoys the participation of individuals from diverse church backgrounds.


Political/Cultural Issues


Some political and cultural issues affecting church growth are:

  1. Very less participation in political process and thus no voice in forums which matter.
  2. Cultural influence: Generally people are more attached to things culturally rather than on religion basis.








We have been greatly encouraged by the visits and the moral support extended to us from time to time by:


1. General Lee, Pil Sup, President AMCF

2. General and Mrs Buckingham

3. Cdr Michael Piper & Chris West – Mar 2006

4. General Srilal Weerasoryia & Mrs Dilhani

4. Chris West   - Sept 2008




A SWOT analysis of Benaiah reveals :



Strong committed leadership




Lack of motivation and interest

Financial/time constraints

Negligible strength in Services. Located in widespread areas

Shallow knowledge of Religion and Bible

Non Practicing tradition inclined





1. Potential in Peshawar, Gujranwala, Sailkot.

2. Work among women and children.





Present day’s pressures - Security, unemployment, inflation etc.

Domination of majority faith

Strong cultural influence

Service fear

Non acceptance by the mainline Church








The key priorities are:


1. Strong in faith, disciplined in character, organized & formalized - Benaiah

2. Organize Prayer, Praise and Worship groups(PPWG) in Gujranwala , Sailkot        and other potential areas.

3.  Seminar, retreat and national retreat

4. Focus on Family Building

5. Encourage Bible Reading and Bible study




1. A days retreat was held on 15 Oct 2007 at Khanki Headworks Guesthouse.         .


2. BBQ Retreat on 22nd Dec 2007 at Forman Christian College. It was basically a Christmas get-to-gather full of fun with praise and worship, hymns singing competition, Bible quiz, games and other activities.


3. Thanksgivings and Institution of Major® Sarmas Shaheed Award on 13 Sept 2008.


4.  AMCF day of Prayer on 20th Sept 2008


5. Formal announcement of BENAIAH on 20th Sept 2008


6.  Annual Praise Excursion was planned at Ghanda Singh Borders on 6th  Dec 2008 but due to present tension it could not be held.


7. Cultural program “Gazal Night” was held on 9th Jan 2009 in a local hall at Lahore. This was aimed at promoting and encouraging young Christians in the field of music and art. 



Activity  Ahead


Maj Sarmas Shaheed Award Competition will be held on 5th March 2009





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