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Cornelius Network India

Country Report 2009



  1. Our Country.  India is a vast country with a 1.1 Billion population, 78% Hindu, 12%, 3% Christian and 1.92% Sikhism.  With an estimated total active armed force of 1,325,000 personnel, this could equate to approximately 40,000 Christians in the Armed Forces.
  2. Faith Church Mix.  India has a vast selection of denominations, but generally 39% Protestant, 27.6% Independent, 29.2% Catholic, 3.8% Orthodox.  Christianity came to India with the apostle (doubting) Thomas in the 1st Century.  'Operation World' by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk' has a full analogy of the Faith/Church mix in India and elsewhere.
  3. Political/Cultural Issues.  The present government is the United Progressive Alliance, with the Indian National Congress party being in the majority.  A general election commences on 16th April.  A win by the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) would benefit the Hindu population.  One of their aspirations is to ban conversions.



  1. Fellowship.   Cornelius Network India is the only named military fellowship in India.  The format is for a  'Chapter' in each of 12 major cantonment cities.  So far there is an established Chapter in Bangalore, which meets on the last Saturday of each month. There is present potential for active Chapters in Delhi, Cochin, Pune, Chennai, Luckno, Mhow and Visag.
  2. Brief History.  Formed in 2003.  Without official recognition or registration.
  3. Visits by AMCF VP and Accts MMI.  Michael Piper and Chris West of Accts MMI visited Delhi and Bangalore in Mar 2006 and also with their wives in Sept 2006.  Chris West and Gen Srilal Weerasooriya visited Bangalore in Sept 2007.  Chris West visited Delhi, Goa, Cochin, Mumbai and Pune in Sept 2008.


MCF Analysis

  1. Strength of CNI. Mostly retired officers who can therefore meet without restriction.
  2. Weakness. No committee or registered status.  Dependent on the leadership of one man.  Most CNI participants are fully employed in secular work and have little time available to commit to CNI.  No recognition within the services.
  3. Opportunities. Vast opportunities exist to coordinate and encourage Christians throughout the Indian Armed Forces who already meet and have fellowship on bases and in homes but are unaware of their brothers and sisters in Christ elsewhere in the forces.
  4. Threats/Risks. Armed forces personnel are not permitted to meet with foreign visitors, although they may attend local churches.   If their regiment is mostly manned by Hindu men, serving Officers are expected (but not obliged) to attend Hindu Temple Worship - failure to do so may affect the officer's career and may endanger his life.
  5. Conferences/Retreats. CNI hold a retreat in Sept or Oct, although there was not a retreat in 2008.  The next retreat is planned for Oct 17-19, 2009.
  6. Way Ahead.  To form a core committee, establish the 12 'Chapter's, gain registration and official recognition by Ministry of Defence.


Prepared by Chris West - Accts MMI RTL, South Asia. March 09.






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