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     A Regional Report for the AMCF Seoul Council

                 North America ( September 2009 )

                                                        Nestor Ogilvie


  North American Region has a population of about 315 million persons (2000
projections) in 16 countries. Our people are made up mostly of transplants from

Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world but with pockets of

indigenous residents e.g. the Caribs of Dominica, Native Americans of North America

and Amerindians of South and Central American nations of the region.

  Most of the region was built on the labour of slaves and indentured labourers but

Christians played the leading role in breaking the shackles of slavery and segregation

and bringing true freedom to the region.

  Our countries are mainly English speaking and include the powerful and affluent

USA and Canada , the less developed islands of the Caribbean including Haiti (listed

as one of the poorest nations of the world), the South American nations of Guyana

and Surinam and the Central American nation of Belize.  Today, even though we all

share a common Christian heritage, there is a swelling evangelical population which

refuses to be silent even though there is a concerted attack on Christianity by fringe



MCF Situation

  Religion has played a major role in all of the nations of the region but there is

significant belief in the occult (voodoo etc).  In many of our nations there are

chaplains to the Military and the church parade (mandatory church attendance) is still

practiced in some nations.

  The formation and continuation of MCFs has seldom been frowned on by govern-

mental or  military leaders of our region and as a result the issue of soldiers or

police receiving permission to meet for prayer, fellowship etc has seldom been an

issue. Today most of our nations have vibrant Fellowships and where there is a

slacking off encouragement is never far off. These MCFs usually comprise serving,

retired, reserve civilian staff and families and they reach out as well as consolidate

through prayer, bible study, evangelistic outreaches of various sorts and fellowship.


  Of the vibrant MCFs, the US OCF and CMF, the Canadian MCF and a few in the

Caribbean nations are currently the ones with an international outreach capacity. In

many of the smaller Caribbean nations which do not have armed forces, MCFs exist

in their security forces (police, etc) and these too are having a significant effect on

the conduct of their respective services and even national life. Memberships of MCFs

generally tend to be from a wide cross section of denominations although there are

some denominations in certain countries that encourage nonparticipation by their

members. (This is breaking down).


The Way Ahead

  Over the next five years, working together with ACCTS and other ministries which

focus on the military, I see the following:

 a. Every Christian serving in that nation's security sector understanding that he/she
    is a missionary wherever placed,

 b. Empowering every believer in the security sector to be the best missionary possible 

 c. Strengthening of MCFs through prayer, liaison visits, conferences, correspondence,

    and support for chaplaincies,   

 d. Encouragement for lagging MCFs through activities shown at c. above.

 e. A continuation of the Annual gatherings such as Interaction, Rocky Mountain High,

    Cadet visits, Caribbean Military Leaders Conferences, Canadian MCF's AGM etc.


  The North American Region has a strong Christian heritage which is reflected in our

Judeo-Christian legal system. From a background of Masters and Slaves the Christian

Church was the primary vehicle used by our LORD  to bring us into the light. Today

other influences are rising all determined to put Christianity (and Christians) down; but

the body of Christ (incl Military Christians) have a responsibility to see the Gospel

spread everywhere.

  Military Christians have influence everywhere corridors of power, barrack rooms,

schools, streets, national and international audiences, front lines, etc.

  We meet people on a daily basis who may never see the inside of a church. We

need to take the Good News of JESUS CHRIST to ALL the areas of opportunity given

to us by our uniforms with boldness and sensitivity.









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