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by Peter Louwrens


The Southern African AMCF Region has a population of about 133 157 698      million persons in 14 countries.

The region has been dogged by wars of independence and civil war for the past approximately 40 years.  The Southern African Development Community (SADC) was established in 1992 to unite the southern African countries in a broad spectrum of cooperation, including economic and military.

Most of the region was colonized by the English, Portuguese and French, who vied for the great mineral wealth of the region.  This in turn brought missionaries to the region who in turn gave us the gospel message and the knowledge of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Our countries all speak their own different national languages, but are predominantly made up of English, Portuguese and French speaking countries, which can all to a lesser or greater degree speak English.   

MCF Situation

The present MCF situation is as follows:

Of the 14 countries in our southern African region there are presently 3 countries not having a MCF, namely:


Comoros islands




We do however have contacts in all three of the above-mentioned countries who regularly attend MCF events in our region.  Chaplains keep a tight reign in Namibia and Zimbabwe (we have only had Chaplains attend AMCF events from these two countries).  On the Comoros islands we have a missionary who is making good progress in establishing a MCF.

The remaining countries all have MCFs, namely:

Sao Tome e Principe
South Africa


We have had very little contact with the Portuguese speaking country of Sao Tome e Principe.  We were informed that they have established a MCF on these islands, but we have heard very little since.

The stronger and more participative countries in the region are Angola, Madagascar, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia.

Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia are presently mandated (lighthouse MCFs) to encourage and strengthen the smaller MCFs in the region.

Language does not present a major challenge to our region and mostly English is used as the common language, failing which an interpreter is used during discussion.

There is a special sense of unity within the AMCF southern African region and member countries have been well represented at most international AMCF conferences and events.

The Way Ahead

Over the next five years, working together with Accts MMI and other AMCF ministries which focus on the military, we see the way ahead as follows:

         To establish vibrant and active SAMCFs in all 14 southern African countries (Priority 1).

         To improve communication, contact and networking between the regions MCFs (Priority 2).

         To diligently Pray and Plan and participate in the AMCF noon day prayers between 12h00 and 13h00, as well as promulgate an annual regional AMCF Prayer diary (Priority 3).

         To become financially self sustaining in our regional AMCF activities and events.

         To establish good working and God honouring relationships between the regions MCFs and Chaplains.

         To continue to conduct the annual Table Mountain Top Interaction (TMTI) in Cape Town, South Africa.

         To conduct a regional conference every three years, the next conference probably being held in Swaziland in 2011.

         To create our own southern African AMCF Website.

         To facilitate opportunities for MCFs in the region to nominate members and Chaplains to attend AMCF training and familiarization opportunities abroad.

         To encourage military professionalism, discipline and high moral values from all AMCF members in the region by the preaching and proclamation of the precious word of God.




The support and encouragement of vibrant MCFs in the southern African region will positively impact on the regions countries and governance and help fulfill the Great Commission for southern Africa.

So onward Christian soldiers lifting high His royal banner





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